Wine Cellar SINTIKA is the new face of the Complex Experimental Station established in mid-20th century in the town of Sandanski. The Experimental Agricultural Centre of the Bulgarian South West gives the country’s agriculture a great deal of new branches, variations and sorts of different cultures. The unique grape variety “Early Melnik grape”(aka “Melnik 55”), “Melnishki Rubin”, “Melnik Jubilee 1300”, “Melnik 82”, “Sandanski Misket”, etc. have been created here. Having won numerous prizes from national and international contests with the wines created in the Experimental Wine Cellar, the Station had its good times and stopped functioning as such in the first years of the Democracy (after the Events of 1989). In 2006 - 2007 3 enthusiasts charged with the ambition to develop the wine industry in this favorable region recreated the Experimental Station, building the SINTICA Winery on its premises. It’s a brand new, modern Winery Complex with the capacity of producing about 500 000 liters of wine. SINTICA inherits the traditions of the old Winery and carries a new conception: Developing the potential of the local Bulgarian grape varieties which have started their quest towards the world’s Winery Industry from the Complex Experimental Station and creating out of them in combination with the world’s grape varieties planted in the region incomparable, high-quality rich and complex terroir wines, reflecting the specifics and uniqueness of the region famous for its Winery Industry since the times of the ancients SINTI a Thracian tribe which lived here thousands of years ago.

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